Baja California Sur

Map of Baja California Sur

Map of Baja California Sur

Baja California Sur is located on the Baja Peninsula, this mix of desert and lovely beaches divides the quiet waters of the Gulf of California and the Pacific in Mexico.

Guerrero Negro: Little town, known for its famous salt mine. Not long ago the largest salt mine in the world. Impressive.

Santa Rosalia. La Inustria del Boleo. Old town when mines were exploited by a French company. Many buildings are still in good shape from two centuries ago. It is worth visiting it and explore the museums, the cathedral and defintely try the local sweets and bread.

Cd Constitucion. Agricultural based town. Great oranges and more local crops are produced here.

La Paz. Capital of Baja California Sur. This is a small city with pacific and nice atmosphere. It is very well with an international airport, ferries to Sinaloa, and routes to Cabo and Baja California. Historically known for its fantastic pearls.

Los Barriles. A little town south of La Paz. This pacific town is famous for its sport fishing tournaments (Bisbee’s) and for its fantastic wind surf and kite surf.

Todos Santos. Little town between Cabo and La Paz. This little town is well know for its cultural festivals and its amazing weather all year round. It was designated a magical town for its cultural richness. You can still visit the Hotel California (the one in the song). It has great a great italian restaurant. A very small town close to Todos Santos called Pescadero is located very close to the world famous surf spot Los Cerritos with one of the most steady waves in the world.

San Jose del Cabo. Small town close to Cabo San Lucas. It has a more relaxed less touristic atmosphere than Cabo. It has nice and more chilled type bars and restaurants.

Cabo San Lucas. Great touristic destination located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Famous not only for its beaches, big hotels and for being one of theĀ  favorite celebs destination. It has fantastic night life, clubs, bars, restaurants, festivals, spring break destination.

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