Bars in La Paz Baja

La Paz Baja Mexico is known for being a nice small, quiet city. However, it has something to offer in terms of entertainment and night life.

Las varitas: rock club and bar. Live bands playing almost all week. Very nice and chilled club. Great atmosphere.

Sinatra: karaoke bar and club. Nice atmosphere for drinks and in case you are in the mood for some singing.

La esquina: lounge bar. Located very close to the cathedral in downtown.  Very relaxed atmosphere, nice drinks. Great to start the night.

Casa de Villa: located on the seafront. Very good location and good music. Something between a bar and a club.

Jungle: located on the seafront.  Live music playing on particular nights. Very cool and chilled place.

Papas & Beer: club and bar located at the beginning of the seafront. Themed nights. It also has a beach front bar with country mexican music “banda” playing. Cheap beer before 11pm.

612: club located on 16 de septiembre street, very close to the seafront.

La barra: small, chilled bar. Located on Esquerro behind Seven Crown hotel at the seafront. Nice drinks.

Scape: bar & pool, located almost on the seafront. Nice sports bar atmosphere. Great drinks. These days is usually frequented by young local people.

Las margaritas: Very cool and friendly bar and club. Live bands playing and very cheap beer.

Tips for clubbing and going out: La Paz is a small city and less touristy than Los Cabos so don’t expect crazy clubs full with hammered people like in Cabo.  The vibe is more chilled and relaxed. Locals appreciate respect for their city.

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