Cabo fishing

One of the hottest sea activities to travel to Baja is sportfishing. Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is considered one of the best spots in the world for sportfishing. Baja waters are warm and filled with many varieties of fish, including dorado, marlin, sailfish and swordfish.

Let's go fishing in Cabo!

Let's go fishing in Cabo!

The fishing is excellent all year for marlin and many other species. Types of fish will vary from month to month due to small variations in weather patterns, ocean currents and water temperatures. The greatest variety and numbers of game fish swim the Baja waters from April through October, since this is when the water temperatures are the warmest. In winter many species migrate south, with the exception of some species such as the yellowtail, which are abundant year-round. There are world-famous fishing tournaments in Baja. For example,  Bisbee’s tournament is the world’s richest Billfish Tournament. Fishing tournaments in Cabo start around July and end around the begining of August.

To fish in Los Cabos, you must have a fishing license to. You can obtain a Mexican sportfishing license from the Mexican fisheries department (SAGARPA) and it will cost you $8 for a day or $25 for a month. We recommend you to arrange your fishing license before travelling to Baja. That would let you spend most of your time fishing, instead of doing paper work. There are many fishing companies in Cabo or Baja which would arrange all the details for you. Many of these companies would have all-included fishing holiday trips to Cabo.

Once you are all set, you need to find the best spots in the area to catch a big fish! But do not worry, your local guide will show you the region and point you in the right direction. Buena suerte amigo!

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