Sea Kayaking Baja

The gulf of Baja California is a large body of calm water that shapes the most amazing bays along a coast of more than 1000 miles. The islands along the Baja peninsula host endemic especies that make these places unique sanctuaries in the world.

These characteristics make Baja a paradise for kayaking. Sea kayaking in Baja is an eco-friendly activity that has been growing in popularity in the recent years. In La Paz and Los Cabos there are many companies that offer guided sea kayaking tours.Many of these trips include experts local guides, chefs and first aid staff.

Sea kayaking in Baja

Sea kayaking in Baja

One of the most popular organized kayaking trips around La Paz is from La Paz Bay to Espiritu Santo Island.  This is a nice short kayaking trip to go and camp in this fantastic island. Espiritu Santo Island is a great spot for snorkeling, with multi-color fishes and sea lions.From the Island, the sunset is mystical. There are more long and adventurous  kayaking trips that go along the Baja for several days or weeks. Your local company can organize one according to your needs.

The season for kayaking starts as early as March. Many trips are organized to visit Puerto San Carlos or Lopez Mateos for kayaking and whale watching. These giant mammals arrive to these calm bays to mate and give birth. Kayaking is a great way of keeping a low impact in this valuable ecosystem. The kayaking season lasts all summer, until september when the winds start to arrive.

Another great option if you want just try sea kayaking for the first time, is to rent a kayak in your hotel in Cabo or along the sea front in La Paz and give it a go. A few paddles will make you realize is very simple and fun! Stay tunned for our 10 top spots in Baja for sea kayaking and 15 tips that will make your kayaking experience absolutely fantastic!

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