Fishing illegally in the Sea of Cortez

A program called  ‘Pescadores vigilantes’  was launched  in Baja California Sur in an attempt to put an end to illegal commercial fishing interests (i.e. not local hook and line fishermen) in the Sea of Cortez. This program allows anyone to report illegal fishing activities anonymously without fear of retribution, either in person, by phone or via email. The illegal activity will then be published in the La Paz paper – every 20 days – that lists the boats stopped, the denuncias filed, what the authorities have done to date and the final resolution (fines issued).  This program helps not only to raise awareness of this problem and honest people, citizens, fishermen, etc to help to preserve the Sea of Cortez, but also to help the authorities to act on this issue. The program is being funded by Sea Watch.  You can visit the Sea Watch Mexico website and read the article, Mexico’s First Citizen-Funded And Run Vigilance Program Starts.

How to report Illegal activities?

Illegal activities in the Sea of Cortez can be reported via email to Sea Watch at If you would like to participate more fully and/or become a member of Plataforma, please go to  Observatorio Ciudadano and sign up. The page contains information on the program and how to help stop the massive destruction being inflicted on the Sea of Cortez. As quoted from Sea Watch:

“…the goal of Plataforma is to get the vast majority of honest fishermen, both commercial and sports fishermen, as well as the cruising community involved in detecting and reporting illegal acts, thereby creating a net of concerned people with the common goal of protecting the Bay.”

This is great news for the lovers of the Sea of Cortez and the Baja in general. We will always support such honest great efforts.

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