Windsurf in El Sargento, Baja California Sur Mexico

El sargento is a small town located 40 mins south-east of La Paz, in front of the Cerralvo Island. You can get to El Sargento through the road to Los Planes.

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El Sargento was a fishing town but lately it is becoming a windsurf destination. The great combination of winds and beautiful sea, makes it perfect for windsurfers.

There are some windsurf camps you can stay in and there are a couple of local windsurf schools if you want to learn this cool sport. Since it is not well known yet, there is a great atmosphere in a not crowded scene. This makes this little spot, one of the most amazing places to practice windsurf in Mexico.

Apart from windsurf, you can also do sport fishing and snorkelling. The El Sargento beaches are fantastic, crystal clear waters and a coral reef makes it perfect to explore with your mask, fins and snorkel.

There are also great desert hills to go for a hike and enjoy the spectacular sunsets or camp by the beach. There are local bars and restaurants to enjoy great sea food and drinks with friends.

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