Swim with Whale Sharks in Baja

Swim with whale sharks in Baja! They are great animals to share the sea with. These giant friendly fish feed mainly from plankton. . . . → Read More: Swim with Whale Sharks in Baja

El tecolote beach

El tecolote (owl) is a very popular beach with restaurants very close to La Paz it is located at the end of the road to Pichilingue, which is the Ferry port. . . . → Read More: El tecolote beach

Visit Sierra de San Antonio, Baja California Sur

Cactus in San Antonio

The beautiful town of San Antonio, which was some years ago a miner town. You can still appreciate all the miner culture and read about the gold mines in the local museum.

San Antonio is located South of La Paz, Baja California Sur. Drive towards Cabo and take the diversion . . . → Read More: Visit Sierra de San Antonio, Baja California Sur

Bars in La Paz Baja

La Paz Baja Mexico is known for being a nice small, quiet city. However, it has something to offer in terms of entertainment and night life. This is a list with the most popular places to go out in La Paz. . . . → Read More: Bars in La Paz Baja


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