Fishing illegally in the Sea of Cortez

A program called ‘Pescadores vigilantes’ was launched in Baja California Sur in an attempt to put an end to illegal commercial fishing interests (i.e. not local hook and line fishermen) in the Sea of Cortez. This program allows anyone to report illegal fishing activities anonymously without fear of retribution, either in person, by phone or via email. . . . → Read More: Fishing illegally in the Sea of Cortez

Bars in La Paz Baja

La Paz Baja Mexico is known for being a nice small, quiet city. However, it has something to offer in terms of entertainment and night life. This is a list with the most popular places to go out in La Paz. . . . → Read More: Bars in La Paz Baja

Baja California Sur

Baja California Sur is located on the Baja Peninsula, this mix of desert and lovely beaches divides the quiet waters of the Gulf of California and the Pacific in Mexico. . . . → Read More: Baja California Sur

La Paz Baja California Sur

La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur. La Paz is an important touristic destination for national and international visitors. . . . → Read More: La Paz Baja California Sur

Sea Kayaking Baja

The gulf of Baja California is a large body of calm water that shapes the most amazing bays along a coast of more than 1000 miles. These characteristics make Baja a paradise for kayaking. Sea kayaking in Baja is an eco-friendly activity that has been growing in popularity in the recent years. In La Paz and Los Cabos there are many companies that offer guided sea kayaking tours.Many of these trips include experts local guides, chefs and first aid staff. . . . → Read More: Sea Kayaking Baja


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